About Us


Mutleys dog grooming spa based in Sutton Surrey is not just a dog grooming service; it is run by trained dog groomer and dog lover Debbie. The aim is to take the stress out of your dog’s visit to the groomers. At our dog grooming spa your dog will be pampered, loved cared for from the minute it comes through the door. 
Debbie will take all the time required to not only make your dog look good but feel great and enjoy the whole experience. Each full groom includes use of our hydro bath, full cut and blow dry, nails clipped and doggy cologne  
If your dog is a lover of dirty ponds or rolling in things it shouldn’t, just bring them down for a hydro bath and blow dry. No more damp doggy smells at home thanks to our dog loving pet care team. 

Why choose us? 

1)Because I promise that all your pets will have the best care possible. I will treasure every owners pet as if it was my own, as they all deserve happiness and love.
2) Not only do I do a fantastic job, I am also one of the most reasonable priced  services in the area.
3) We do not use cages as we only book in one customer at a time to provide the best pissible service.
Why not make your dogs day and give us a try ?