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Date: 01/01/2015

By: N/A

Subject: Enquired about services

Ring up the lady at 8.15am and she was still in bed asleep! Her website states she opens at 8am yet after that time she is still in bed! Sounded very hazy and unprofessional. Defiantly wouldn't trust her with my dog.

Date: 17/01/2015

By: Debbie

Subject: Re: Enquired about services

I'm SORREY if you were dissatisfied with the way I answered the phone to you on a bank holliday at 08:15 am after New Years eve when we were closed but I did offer you an appointment for the next day and as you can see from my other clients i am very trustworthy

Date: 26/01/2015

By: Dolores

Subject: Re: Re: Enquired about services

I hope you took this persons number so you can ring him back next New Years Day at 8.15 am. What a horrible spiteful troll to post this on the site of a lovely caring lady who we will always trust with our little Saffy who you always groom to perfection.

Date: 18/01/2015

By: Helen

Subject: Re: Enquired about services

I've used mutleys for ages. I used to take my dog to a larger more well known establishment and my dog was always shaking going in and unhappy coming out (and not always groomed very well). Since using Mutleys he never minds going and even greets the lady with kisses on arrival. If she wasn't trustworthy I certainly wouldn't leave my dog with her.

Date: 23/02/2015

By: Hollywood black shih tuz

Subject: Re: Re: Enquired about services

I just can't believe someone can phone a groomer up on New Years days day at 8 ,15 am and say you sound sleepy and want a appointment I wouldn't ring my doctors less I was having a heart attack then they wouldn't be there we're does she come from you should of told her to go to pets at home to the groomers there and I bet ya they was shut and about trust you I trust u with my baby and your the only one I do Debbie your a diamond forget losers like that they don't have brains in there heads they have wood chipping

Date: 28/03/2015

By: Brian

Subject: Re: Enquired about services

Sad soul, was new years day

Date: 18/12/2014

By: Mia

Subject: Tilly (miniature schnauzer)

Debbie is fantastic. Tilly and I both trust her. I have been with Debbie at Mutleys for about a year now and would highly recommend her.
Thanks Debbie, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Date: 05/09/2014

By: Hollie black shih tzu

Subject: Thank u Debbie

It was that time again and yet again you never disappoint I look lovely with my hair up but when I get home I have to have a little nap but thank you so much no more hair yah!!!!!!

Date: 11/05/2014

By: Julie glynn

Subject: My willow,

Hi Debbie my willow is 11 year old westie cross, she hates baths and hair cuts , I hate leaving her at parlours in the past because she screams for me, I would love her to try your hydro bath and badly is in of her hair cut, I met a lady called jenny who had daisy and she recommended that I come to you as you are very good with nervous dogs and their owners , look forward to come to see you soon x

Date: 28/04/2014

By: Hollywood black shih tzu

Subject: im clean, clean ,clean.

Thank you deb , you done it again made a fantastic job , love it its 10.30pm I've now got my nighty on ready for bed now wait till Thursday you have my cousin at 1pm oh you will have funny she wiggles but is you give her a bone or something she should stand still but earlier she was playing tug a war with the hose pipe with my nan being naughty earlier so be ware she is naughty but I love her she's my cousin deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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