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Date: 23/03/2022

By: Frenchmxjf

Subject: Wisdоm is а mixturе оf еxрeriеnсе, courаgе and intelligеnсe

We tеnd tо think оf great thinkers аnd innovаtоrs аs soloists, but thе truth is that the greаtеst innоvаtivе thinking dоesn't оccur in a vаcuum. Innovаtiоn rеsults frоm collabоration.

Date: 24/07/2021

By: inwandy

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Date: 02/07/2021

By: inwandy

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Date: 02/06/2021

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Date: 28/05/2021

By: Jan

Subject: Yodi

Debbie was wonderful, very pleased with the grooming service, my dog was very happy, would highly recommend her, will be going back

Date: 04/05/2021

By: accinvago

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Date: 25/03/2021

By: Jennifer

Subject: Your website

Hi, just wanted to give you feedback on your website, the font/italics used makes it really difficult to read and not clear at all, definitely puts me off and think it would others. Hope you don’t mind my comment.

Date: 14/12/2020

By: accinvago

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Date: 18/10/2019

By: Denise

Subject: Foxy, phoenix and socks

First time at Mutley’s and my 3 little ladies came out looking amazing. Will deffo be back. Thank you!

Date: 28/11/2017

By: Floyd-Williams Family

Subject: Luna's experience

We used Mutleys today. It was our dog Luna's first time. We are very pleased with everything. Luna looked very well groomed, she was obviously well looked after. Great value for the cost, Debbie was very friendly, professional and punctual. We will certainly be bringing Luna back (If she is welcome!) and we will definitely recommend you to people who ask. Thanks again and see you in the New Year

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